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George Veditz: The Hohenstaufen Era of German Literature

The Hohenstaufen Era of German Literature Delivered By G.W. Veditz , at the Presentation Day Exercises of the National Deaf-Mute College , Wednesday, May 7th, 1884. In the period from the middle of the twelfth to the end of the thirteenth century, the German race reached a height of national glory which it has never at any time surpassed. The ninth , tenth and eleventh centuries cover a formative period, when, through its conflicts internal and external, the nation was developing its strength and preparing itself for the great part it was to play. In the twelfth century, when we find the Hohenstaufen line swaying the sceptre of Charlemagne , the nation had emerged into a period of comparative quiet . It had undergone a complete regeneration. Old doctrines and old habits had been swept away by the influx of new ideas and new fashions , and an active vitality was infused, giving strength for the effort that was to be put forth. The language had undergone the same vicissitud

Angela Davis speech at Gallaudet University: “The Indivisibility of Justice”

Thursday, February 14, 2013 Angela Davis speech at Gallaudet University: “The Indivisibility of Justice” PDF Version Transcript: [ Sustained applause and cheers ] ANGELA DAVIS [ signing ]: Thank you very much ANGELA DAVIS [ speaking ]: Well, first of all, good afternoon! It has been so wonderful to spend time on the campus of Gallaudet. I have followed the struggles and the radical activism associated with this campus for many years, and over multiple student generations, Gallaudet has become a model for people everywhere who are striving to make justice a reality. This is Black History Month. It is also the week when Negro History Week was first celebrated beginning in 1926. And having grown up in Birmingham, Alabama, I remember as a child when we used to celebrate Black History Week each year. Abraham Lincoln’s birthday is on February 12th. Frederick Douglass’ birthday is today, February 14th. [ Applause ] But today is also Valentine’s Day, when we tell